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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poe's Partisanship is the Problem

While Ted Poe attempts, and fails, to portray himself as nonpartisan, "experts" within his own right-wing frame of thought think otherwise.

Poe states: "I don't ever approach anything with a partisan point of view," Poe said. "I don't do the party line. I don't do the administration line." (Quote in the Beaumont Enterprise, 2/26/06)

Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, said Poe has been keeping a low profile, which is pretty normal for a freshman House member.

Ornstein said. "Right now, he is digging in, being loyal to his party and trying to figure out how to operate in this environment."

During his first year in office, Poe voted with the House Republican leadership 94 percent of the time and with the Bush administration 81 percent of the time, according to Congressional Quarterly.

House Republicans voted on average with the party's leadership 90 percent of the time, meaning that Poe is above average in party loyalty.

The reality is that Poe is not representing his district, as he states. He was too busy representing his leadership, which included Tom DeLay. In fact, according to cited sources:

* Ted Poe has taken $5,000 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC. No surprise that Poe voted with Tom DeLay 92% of the time.

* Ted Poe voted to weaken the ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay.

* When Democrats offered a solution to clean up the House by strengthening ethics rules, Ted Poe voted twice to make sure it never even came to an up or down vote.

It's time for honest, thoughtful leadership that has the interests of the district in mind. Gary Binderim is that leader.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Binderim's Been Busy...

The Democrat that will take on Ted Poe in November has been busy. Gary Binderim, candidate for Congressional District 2, has been busy visiting progressive groups around the District since filing.

Most recently, Binderim visited the Spring Democratic Club where he introduced himself to voters living in the FM 1960 area. After a long and substantive Q & A session, the SDC endorsed Gary. SDC is one of the newer groups in the area, but has a contingent of strong and active members with much experience on campaigns. They have committed to assisting the campaigns of Chad Kahn for HD126 and Dot Nelson-Turnier for HD150, along with the Binderim campaign.

He also visited the I-10 East Democrats club out in Baytown, a prime area for Democratic votes in the District. He was privileged to meet with club leader Laura Woods and several activists ready to work the campaign in that part of the District.

He also paid visits to the Democracy for Houston and the Houston Democratic Forum where he was received with much excitement. DFH is known for supporting the "run everywhere" plan--assuring that Democrats are running against entrenched Republicans even in the most difficult areas. At the HDF meeting, he met former CD-02 candidate and Tom DeLay's challenger in CD-22, Nick Lampson. Lampson offered his best wishes to the campaign, as well as some valuable advice.

District 2, by far, is not a Republican district. 2004's election results (56-43) proved that this District can indeed change hands. Voters are dissatisfied with Poe and the Republican way of doing things. Independents and moderate Republicans interested in pocketbook issues can agree with the common sense approach Gary Binderim offers. The question that should be answered by independents and moderate Republicans is: Has Ted Poe done enough to fight for your present and future? The answer is a resounding NO! And now is the opportunity to achieve change.

Soon, the Binderim campaign will embark to other areas of the District, including Liberty and Jefferson Counties. In fact, on March 9, the Binderim Campaign will travel to Beaumont to visit with the Progressive Democrats of Jefferson County and the Young Democrats. Other key groups and individuals are expected to be in attendance at what will be the official introduction of Gary Binderim to Jefferson County.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ted Poe has failed Beaumont

Ted Poe Has Failed Beaumont
6000 Beaumont families lost their homes during Hurricane Rita--the "forgotten storm." How does Beaumont's Mayor Goodsen describe the Republican government's response? "Well, gee, you weren't hurt that bad, so you don't need that much recovery money," Goodsen said of the government's impression. And the effects:

There are so many service industry businesses that are hurting, that help wanted signs are like welcome mats. That's because the highest-paying jobs are now in construction.

"We lost 75 percent of our staff. It's real tough to get people in here," said Durell Moore, manager of Logan's Texas Steakhouse. "This is the vicious cycle that you see at Beaumont restaurants: not enough employees, so as a result, some restaurants are closing early, or shutting down certain days. One business is hiring guys at $14 an hour, and it's like wow, we can't do that."

So, it must be asked: What has Ted Poe done to help post-Rita Beaumont?

According to the Mayor: "We feel the government is erring in not only amount of money, but not being proactive to work with us," he said. Well, someone should and will work with them...the people's candidate for Congress, Gary Binderim.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Binderim Announces for Congressional District 2

Contact: Stace Medellin, 281-361-5808

Binderim Announces for District 2
Will Challenge Ted Poe in November

KINGWOOD, TX- Gary Binderim, a 23-year resident of Kingwood, has announced that he is a candidate for U.S. Congress, District 2. Binderim will challenge one-term incumbent Ted Poe in November.

“America is faced with serious problems, including a growing Republican-created deficit; a lack of priorities that have failed to effectively secure our nation; that have failed to build an effective and productive workforce through the improvement of our education system; and that have failed all Americans who want access to the benefits of a productive economy: job security, health care, educational and training opportunities, and every ingredient that helps build a better America” said Binderim.

Binderim also cited the current “culture of corruption” which Ted Poe supported by voting to weaken House ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay (H Res. 5, Roll Call #6, 1/4/05). “Bad behavior should not be rewarded or swept under the rugs at the Capitol, and using your Congressional buddies to protect you shows how far some are willing to go,” said Binderim, adding, “we must assure that our government is honest and open if we are to re-gain the trust of the people.” Strengthening House Ethics rules is the key to gaining that trust, according to Binderim.

Binderim states he will run a campaign on issues of importance to the majority of District 2 voters. “The hard-working families of District 2 deserve a representative that will provide solutions to those problems we are all concerned with: assuring our military men and women are trained and equipped prior to sending them on missions in order to assure effectiveness and a quick return home; ensuring affordable health care access, especially to our small businesses and struggling families; strengthening Social Security; strengthening our workforce through a real commitment to public education; and tax reform that benefits the vast majority of families.”

The Republican Congress is also to blame for an out-of-control deficit, according to Binderim. “After gutting programs that provide a ladder for prosperity to most Americans in order to give the wealthy and special interests huge tax cuts, that same Congress voted to further increase our debt to nine trillion dollars—that’s a nine with 12 zeroes and will be left to those generations after us to pay.” Binderim further remarked that Ted Poe and the Republican priorities in no way mirror the needs of the middle and working class people of District 2, adding, “As gas prices and the overall cost of living increase, everything we work for seems to be worth less. This won’t stop without a change in our leadership and our priorities.”

In regards to immigration, Binderim said that Poe’s support of wedge-making policies will further divide the country and do little to protect it from terrorists and drug smugglers. “If we truly want to address the issue of immigration, we need to do it comprehensively in order to assure that our borders and ports are secure from terrorist threats, our economy is strengthened by a viable workforce, and assure that the 12 million immigrants already in the United States are humanely identified and made a part of our tax rolls.” Binderim supports legislation that allows undocumented individuals the opportunity to “pay to stay” by paying fines and back taxes, assuring that there is no amnesty. “In an amnesty, the undocumented would simply be forgiven without fines; the plan that Democrats supports is not an amnesty, yet is humane and keeps families intact.”

Of importance to Binderim are the critical needs of first responders. “The FEMA failures after Katrina, the communications problems after Hurricane Rita in Houston, are all signs that Congress has failed to assure a prompt and effective response to natural disasters.” First responders must be more than adequately prepared for any situation, and assuring support in the form of equipment and training is of the essence, said Binderim, adding, “This, along with an effective First Response Communication System, will assure that all levels of government are effectively serving the needs of disaster survivors, instead of placing political careers first.”

Binderim has worked for his present company as a water utility manager for 23 years. He was the company’s Area Manager for Kingwood, Texas and surrounding areas from December 1982 to February 1991. Since that time he has performed environmental compliance work on the corporate level, especially in regards to the safety and security of the area’s drinking water.

Binderim’s proudest and most important accomplishment has been the privilege of raising his four daughters, each of which graduated from Kingwood High School. He has two grandsons and two of his son-in-laws are proudly serving in our nations military.

For more information on the Gary Binderim Campaign for Congress, visit



Gary Binderim and General Wesley Clark (ret.)

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