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Friday, February 24, 2006

Binderim's Been Busy...

The Democrat that will take on Ted Poe in November has been busy. Gary Binderim, candidate for Congressional District 2, has been busy visiting progressive groups around the District since filing.

Most recently, Binderim visited the Spring Democratic Club where he introduced himself to voters living in the FM 1960 area. After a long and substantive Q & A session, the SDC endorsed Gary. SDC is one of the newer groups in the area, but has a contingent of strong and active members with much experience on campaigns. They have committed to assisting the campaigns of Chad Kahn for HD126 and Dot Nelson-Turnier for HD150, along with the Binderim campaign.

He also visited the I-10 East Democrats club out in Baytown, a prime area for Democratic votes in the District. He was privileged to meet with club leader Laura Woods and several activists ready to work the campaign in that part of the District.

He also paid visits to the Democracy for Houston and the Houston Democratic Forum where he was received with much excitement. DFH is known for supporting the "run everywhere" plan--assuring that Democrats are running against entrenched Republicans even in the most difficult areas. At the HDF meeting, he met former CD-02 candidate and Tom DeLay's challenger in CD-22, Nick Lampson. Lampson offered his best wishes to the campaign, as well as some valuable advice.

District 2, by far, is not a Republican district. 2004's election results (56-43) proved that this District can indeed change hands. Voters are dissatisfied with Poe and the Republican way of doing things. Independents and moderate Republicans interested in pocketbook issues can agree with the common sense approach Gary Binderim offers. The question that should be answered by independents and moderate Republicans is: Has Ted Poe done enough to fight for your present and future? The answer is a resounding NO! And now is the opportunity to achieve change.

Soon, the Binderim campaign will embark to other areas of the District, including Liberty and Jefferson Counties. In fact, on March 9, the Binderim Campaign will travel to Beaumont to visit with the Progressive Democrats of Jefferson County and the Young Democrats. Other key groups and individuals are expected to be in attendance at what will be the official introduction of Gary Binderim to Jefferson County.