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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Poe's Partisanship is the Problem

While Ted Poe attempts, and fails, to portray himself as nonpartisan, "experts" within his own right-wing frame of thought think otherwise.

Poe states: "I don't ever approach anything with a partisan point of view," Poe said. "I don't do the party line. I don't do the administration line." (Quote in the Beaumont Enterprise, 2/26/06)

Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, said Poe has been keeping a low profile, which is pretty normal for a freshman House member.

Ornstein said. "Right now, he is digging in, being loyal to his party and trying to figure out how to operate in this environment."

During his first year in office, Poe voted with the House Republican leadership 94 percent of the time and with the Bush administration 81 percent of the time, according to Congressional Quarterly.

House Republicans voted on average with the party's leadership 90 percent of the time, meaning that Poe is above average in party loyalty.

The reality is that Poe is not representing his district, as he states. He was too busy representing his leadership, which included Tom DeLay. In fact, according to cited sources:

* Ted Poe has taken $5,000 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC. No surprise that Poe voted with Tom DeLay 92% of the time.

* Ted Poe voted to weaken the ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay.

* When Democrats offered a solution to clean up the House by strengthening ethics rules, Ted Poe voted twice to make sure it never even came to an up or down vote.

It's time for honest, thoughtful leadership that has the interests of the district in mind. Gary Binderim is that leader.