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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ted Poe has failed Beaumont

Ted Poe Has Failed Beaumont
6000 Beaumont families lost their homes during Hurricane Rita--the "forgotten storm." How does Beaumont's Mayor Goodsen describe the Republican government's response? "Well, gee, you weren't hurt that bad, so you don't need that much recovery money," Goodsen said of the government's impression. And the effects:

There are so many service industry businesses that are hurting, that help wanted signs are like welcome mats. That's because the highest-paying jobs are now in construction.

"We lost 75 percent of our staff. It's real tough to get people in here," said Durell Moore, manager of Logan's Texas Steakhouse. "This is the vicious cycle that you see at Beaumont restaurants: not enough employees, so as a result, some restaurants are closing early, or shutting down certain days. One business is hiring guys at $14 an hour, and it's like wow, we can't do that."

So, it must be asked: What has Ted Poe done to help post-Rita Beaumont?

According to the Mayor: "We feel the government is erring in not only amount of money, but not being proactive to work with us," he said. Well, someone should and will work with them...the people's candidate for Congress, Gary Binderim.