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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Binderim Responds to Senate Immigration Plan



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KINGWOOD, TX- Gary Binderim, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, responded to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on legislation to address immigration comprehensively.

On the Committee’s Bipartisan Vote:
“It is because of the leadership exhibited by Senator Kennedy on the Committee, along with Senator McCain as a co-sponsor, that a responsible and reasonable plan was created,” said Binderim, adding, “And I commend Republican Senators Brownback, Graham, and DeWine for having the courage to go against the ultra-restrictive ideas passed by Ted Poe and the House of Representatives.”

On the Guest Worker Program
“I think the guest worker proposal lays a good foundation for continued discussion, and it is more than Ted Poe and the House Republicans offered.” said Binderim, “But we must also ensure that the program will only benefit occupations where there is a critical staffing need, and assure that the jobs of skilled American workers are protected. A guest worker plan should not serve profiteering corporations that want to fill skilled positions with cheap labor.”

On the Committee’s plan:
“The plan contains exactly what I have supported: it strengthens border security, it creates an opportunity to ensure critical staffing needs are met, it calls for retroactive tax payments and fines for immigrants already in the country, and it contains language that will begin a process for identifying immigrants humanely and effectively.”

“This plan puts our country on track to securing our borders from the real threats, terrorists and drug lords, while acting humanely in assuring that those that contribute to our nation are given the respect they have earned.”

“There are no freebies in this plan. Immigrants will have to pay to stay, in the form of retroactive payment of taxes and penalties for crossing illegally in the first place. I believe all sides of this issue are addressed positively and humanely, as it should have been addressed by Ted Poe.”

On the SJC’s Removal of Criminal Charges for Humanitarians
“I am proud of the Committee for removing policies that Ted Poe and the House proposed that would have criminalized churches, nonprofit groups, hospitals, and individuals that help immigrant families in need,” said Binderim, “The criminalization of compassionate people that see beyond legal status is just plain wrong.”


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Binderim Speaks to SD4 Activists


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KINGWOOD, TX- Gary Binderim, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, spoke to a meeting of Senate District 4 political activists on Saturday, March 25. The meeting was held at Kingwood College, and was part of a long day which had Binderim traveling from Kingwood to Beaumont.

Binderim stated that he will oppose privatization of social security, and instead work to ensure its viability as a national safety-net for those hard-working Americans who have loyally contributed to our nation’s workforce. “Protecting and strengthening Social Security will be my number one priority in the Congress,” said Binderim,”I will work to make sure that Social Security will be there for our parents, for us, and for our children.” Binderim added that Ted Poe’s plan for social security destroys the national safety net by handing over Americans’ hard-earned dollars to Wall Street.

Binderim also spoke about the ever-increasing tax burden placed on Americans, placing the responsibility on the “siphon and spend” Republican Congress that is on target to run up a $9 trillion deficit that will be left for future generations to pay. “We can reduce taxes on the middle class and small businessmen by staying out of ill conceived foreign adventures, by reducing pervasive Republican corruption, by eliminating spending for programs that were never meant to work in the first place, and by asking the wealthy to start paying their fair share” said Binderim.

On the issue of national security, Binderim stated that Ted Poe’s support for the Bush administration’s failed management of this war shows his ideological inflexibility and a lack of strategic vision. “Our military is being weakened because of the incompetent political leadership of an administration that would rather spend billions building a missile defense system that does not work while, at the same time, cutting back on veterans care and benefits.” Binderim continued that Ted Poe is part of a rubber-stamping Congress that will not change its ways unless there is a change in representation in District 2 and beyond.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Success in Beaumont!

Gary Binderim (CD02) returned from Jefferson County having laid a good foundation with which to work with from now till November. Over 50 hard-core Progressive Democrats, including JC Party Chair Gilbert Adams and JC Party Executive Director Joe Deshotel (son of the State Rep.), attended the introduction held at Acapulco Grill. This group seems to be on the ball as most of their members worked the Primary and, although they achieved a 25% voter turnout (it was among the highest in TX), it wasn't good enough for them and they will work even harder.

Binderim gave an overview of the issues he plans to run on, while interjecting some of Ted Poe's shortcomings, such as being beholden to corporate interests and Tom DeLay (he voted 92% of the time with Tommy in exchange for a nice ARMPAC contribution). That is what they enjoyed most about Gary--he's not only taking on Poe, he's also providing solutions that many, even in Kingwood, are giving a second look. If only 13,800 Republicans coming out to vote in a contested primary in Harris County District 2 is any indication, Binderim has an opportunity to "sell his wares" to voters that are wanting change--and most of all, are willing and ready to listen.

One supporter that was truly impressive was former State Senator Carl Parker. He spoke before Gary. The good Senator ended up laying the foundation for Gary's speech. The self-described Baptist Church-raised Liberal (this was quite confusing for right-wingers in the legislature who couldn't even recite scripture, but he could) gave us a great speech on the current state of Texas Politics and the opportunities that we need to take and succeed with by: Not running to the right; returning to the grassroots; and challenging the Republicans with our solutions every step of the way.

Earlier in the day, Binderim visited Port Arthur and Sabine Pass. Six months after Hurricane Rita, the entire area is still a sea of blue roofs--from all the tarps placed on top of homes and businesses damaged. Recently, the federal government told the City of Beaumont that they have received enough assistance because they didn't get "that much damage." One has to wonder if they have even spoken to the folks in Port Arthur and Sabine Pass? One has to wonder if Ted Poe has even tried to do anything about it! It was reported that the "clean-up" was just about done; it sure didn't look like it as we drove past huge piles of debris, buildings that are yet to be condemned, and areas of town that are yet to be fixed. On top of this, there is a shortage of contractors for rebuilding as their properties and equipment were also damaged--was there any help for them to get back on their feet?

Gary met a lot of good people, and let me tell you, it sure felt nice to be in a place that is very friendly and ready to work for victory! As Binderim said, we need to work on empowering voters who have continually been ignored by Ted Poe and the Republicans and get them to the polls. And this group of Progressive Dems is just the group that can help do that.

Thanks to the Staffords for the hospitality and to the Progressive Democrats for launching the Binderim campaign in Jefferson County.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring Observer Covers Binderim, Nelson-Turnier

Here's a link to the article in .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

"I did know that Ted Poe was not representing my interests or the interests of others, so I entered the race to provide a voice for family values rather than corporate values." Gary Binderim