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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Binderim Responds to Senate Immigration Plan



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KINGWOOD, TX- Gary Binderim, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, responded to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on legislation to address immigration comprehensively.

On the Committee’s Bipartisan Vote:
“It is because of the leadership exhibited by Senator Kennedy on the Committee, along with Senator McCain as a co-sponsor, that a responsible and reasonable plan was created,” said Binderim, adding, “And I commend Republican Senators Brownback, Graham, and DeWine for having the courage to go against the ultra-restrictive ideas passed by Ted Poe and the House of Representatives.”

On the Guest Worker Program
“I think the guest worker proposal lays a good foundation for continued discussion, and it is more than Ted Poe and the House Republicans offered.” said Binderim, “But we must also ensure that the program will only benefit occupations where there is a critical staffing need, and assure that the jobs of skilled American workers are protected. A guest worker plan should not serve profiteering corporations that want to fill skilled positions with cheap labor.”

On the Committee’s plan:
“The plan contains exactly what I have supported: it strengthens border security, it creates an opportunity to ensure critical staffing needs are met, it calls for retroactive tax payments and fines for immigrants already in the country, and it contains language that will begin a process for identifying immigrants humanely and effectively.”

“This plan puts our country on track to securing our borders from the real threats, terrorists and drug lords, while acting humanely in assuring that those that contribute to our nation are given the respect they have earned.”

“There are no freebies in this plan. Immigrants will have to pay to stay, in the form of retroactive payment of taxes and penalties for crossing illegally in the first place. I believe all sides of this issue are addressed positively and humanely, as it should have been addressed by Ted Poe.”

On the SJC’s Removal of Criminal Charges for Humanitarians
“I am proud of the Committee for removing policies that Ted Poe and the House proposed that would have criminalized churches, nonprofit groups, hospitals, and individuals that help immigrant families in need,” said Binderim, “The criminalization of compassionate people that see beyond legal status is just plain wrong.”