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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Binderim Campaign Update

Democrat for Congress

Greetings! Thanks to all of you for your continued support and for working hard toward that Democratic victory in November.

That's right! It has been announced that Tom DeLay is dropping out of Congress, which makes me ask: Who's going to tell Ted Poe how to vote? After voting with Tom DeLay 92% of the time, and even voting to protect DeLay from House ethics rules that protect our government from political corruption, what is Ted Poe to do without his boss? On whose orders will Poe march now? Certainly, he will not have the interests of District 2 in mind, as always.

District 2 is ready for a change in representation toward one that is in tune to the values of the hard-working people of this district. I intend to be the representative that will fight for you in DC.

We have a Democratic Primary Run-Off in progress. Early voting began on Monday, April 3 and will last thru Friday, April 7. Run-Off election day is on April 11th. We already know that those of you who receive this message usually vote, but as our Party's strength, we also need you to Get Out The Vote. Along with some local races in some areas of the district, we also have two major races on the ballot to choose our Democratic candidates for United States Senate and Texas Lt. Governor.

While we have two good Democrats (
Maria Luisa Alvarado and Ben Grant) in the running for Lt. Governor, there is only one proven Democrat, and some say the only real candidate, in the run-off for US Senate and that is Barbara Radnofsky. I urge you to support and vote for Barbara Radnofsky, our next United States Senator.

Our campaign continues to gain ground. We have begun our press campaign, which includes attempting to gain coverage in area newspapers and other media outlets in order to reach beyond the Democratic base. Of course, the area progressive bloggers have been a great help at getting the word out to activists and voters in the district. We continue to visit Democratic and other organizations and will begin visiting Labor groups around the district very soon. Most importantly, we will engage our Democratic precinct chairs throughout the district to begin a grassroots campaign that will not only help this campaign, but every single Democrat on the ballot. But it will take a lot more than just hard work from all of us.

While we intend to run a grassroots campaign, it takes all kinds of supplies, including bumper stickers, push cards, yard signs, gasoline to travel the district from end-to-end, office supplies, and more. While we expect Ted Poe to tap into every special and corporate interest around, we intend to win this race with your help--and without the price tag that Poe displays so prominently. We need your help. Please contribute today!

Please contribute what you can--even small donations add up and make a difference in this campaign. You may mail your contributions payable to the Gary Binderim Campaign to: Jenni Strader, Treasurer, 3011 Brook Shore Court, Kingwood, TX 77345.

You may also contribute online by simply clicking here:

Thanks again for your support. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Democratically Yours,

Gary Binderim
Democrat for Congress