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Friday, April 28, 2006

Binderim Responds to Anti-Troop Vote

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After the United States Senate voted to divert funding for the war in Iraq to so-called “border security” expenses, Gary Binderim, candidate for Congress District 2 called the measure “a vote against our troops.”

The Senate voted against needed equipment needed by our soldiers in Iraq, including body armor and training to defeat improvised explosive devices, according to Binderim. “The Senate Republicans voted to place our troops further in danger where they are currently deployed in order to play wedge politics with the immigration issue,” said Binderim.

“There is no doubt that we must increase border security, but there is a big difference between the danger our troops face in a war zone and a border that attracts unarmed people coming to the U.S. to work,” said Binderim, adding, “There’s a big difference between IED’s exploding beneath our troop vehicles in Iraq and unarmed people that want to work and contribute to our country—I will always vote for our troops.”

He added: “If you want to bring our troops home quickly and intact, send them the equipment they need—what should have been done in the first place. If you want immigration reform, then do it humanely and comprehensively.”