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Friday, April 28, 2006

Poe Chooses Big Oil over the People

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Poe Chooses Oil Buddies Over the People

KINGWOOD, TX—Gas prices continue their climb in Congressional District 2, affecting middle and working class families from one end of the district to the other. Do you know where your congressman is?

According to candidate for Congressional District 2, Gary Binderim, one-term incumbent Ted Poe has been missing in action. “As gas prices and the overall cost of living increase, everything we work for seems to be worth less,” said Binderim, adding, “Where’s our congressman?”

According to Federal Election Commission documents, Poe has already taken in thousands of dollars from oil and energy companies, while voting against a measure to crack down on price gouging. “Ted Poe voted to protect the special interests that have funded his campaign and his indifference toward the people of District 2,” said Binderim.

Binderim blasted Poe’s idea that the solution to high gas prices is more drilling. “Instead of cracking down on oil companies like Exxon Mobil, whose quarterly profits amounted to eight billion dollars during a time when the vast majority of families in District 2 struggle to make ends meet, my opponent is busy raking in PAC money from the oil industry and allowing these companies to profit off the backs of hard-working people like you and me.”

Binderim stated that it is time to eliminate the loopholes that allow oil companies to profit in the billions, while providing no relief to consumers. “We can no longer sit idle and allow oil companies and their Congressional lackeys to hold the American people hostage. It is time for them to pay up, or transfer their savings to us. They sure aren't investing much.”

According to Binderim, it is time for representation from someone that will fight for families first, and not someone beholden to wealthy interests that benefit few people in District 2. “Enough is enough. My only special interest is the people of District 2.”

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