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Monday, May 15, 2006

A Response to the President and Ted Poe

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Stace Medellin,

Binderim Responds to Bush Immigration Speech, Poe

Gary Binderim, candidate for Congressional District 2, responded to President Bush’s speech on Immigration. Binderim responded to specific lines in the President's speech (in bold), as well as to his opponent's response:

“We will fix the problems created by illegal immigration, and we will deliver a system that is secure, orderly and fair. So I support comprehensive immigration reform...”

“I am glad that the President, much like the majority of Americans, supports comprehensive immigration reform. While we may not agree with every aspect of his five point plan, there is an opportunity to continuing the discussion toward a working solution that addresses border security, our need for hard-working people, and the identification of 12 million undocumented people that currently live in the underground economy. Only a comprehensive plan will make us safer and make our economy stronger.”

“We honor the heritage of all who come here, no matter where they are from...”

Binderim stated: “President Bush has acknowledged once again how most Americans feel. Unfortunately, many in his Republican Party, including Ted Poe, Tom Tancredo, and others in the fringes are spouting hateful rhetoric that has gone unchecked by their leaders. We have an opportunity to bring some sanity to the debate after the President’s speech, while my opponent will certainly continue his divisive wedge politics. America is demanding unity and leadership and I’m the only candidate in this race that supports that direction.”

Binderim also responded further to
Poe’s support of reactionary and divisive policies created by a small minority of Republicans on the fringes:

“First of all, Ted Poe continues to prove that he does not want to work well with others, and that is not what District 2 needs. Ted Poe's insane ideas do not make us safer, if anything, they make us more vulnerable than ever."
"Secondly, Ted Poe continues to avoid the real problems that are affecting the vast majority of District 2: Our cost of living is increasing, while Ted Poe provides millionaires whatever they demand of him; college tuition continues to increase, while financial aid for middle class families becomes harder to obtain because of Ted Poe; gas prices continue to be a burden on most District 2 families, while Ted Poe enjoys big checks from Big Oil; health care for the children and elderly continues to be a challenge, while Ted Poe enjoys rubbing elbows with the insurance lobby."
"Simply put, Ted Poe is out of touch with the people of District 2 and he is scapegoating a group of people for his own benefit, while doing nothing to improve the livelihood of the people of District 2. We can do better; and I will do better.”

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Poe Ignores the Working People of District 2

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Continuing to disregard the vast majority of families in District 2, District 2 Congressman Ted Poe voted with his party to continue to increase deficit spending to pay for tax cuts exclusively for the wealthy and other special interests.

Gary Binderim, candidate for House of Representatives District 2, stated, "Poe has chosen to irresponsibly place working Americans deeper in debt," adding, "our government is on track to amassing a 9 trillion dollar deficit, and one-third of it has been added by Republicans since 2001. It is the children and grandchildren of middle and working class Americans that will be left with a huge debt--all for the purpose of funding corporate welfare."

Critics, including most Democrats, attacked the tax rate reductions on dividends and capital gains as being skewed in favor of the rich. They noted that it was the second half of a GOP budget package that began with $39 billion in benefit cuts over five years, many of which came from programs for the poor such as Medicaid. (Houston Chronicle)

Democrats also cited a joint study by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution that shows taxpayers with incomes greater than $1 million per year winning tax cuts of $42,000 under the bill while families with incomes of $50,000 a year would average a $46 tax cut. (Houston Chronicle)

Ted Poe and the Republicans have chosen to cut into health care benefits available to over 40 million uninsured Americans. According to Binderim, "By attacking children and other uninsured individuals, as well as the vast majority of families that make below $50,000 a year, it seems like the Republicans have declared a class war on America. It's time for working people to respond at the ballot box."

According to the Census Bureau (2004), 53% of households in District 2 made below $50,000 per year. Only 2.9% of households in District 2 made above $200,000. No indication was given as to how many millionaires reside in District 2, but they are included in the 2.9% figure.

According to Binderim, "Obviously, there aren't many millionaires in District 2, but there is an overabundance of middle class households that will gain little to nothing from these tax cuts, while working class families will pick up the tab and see no relief whatsoever." He added, "The majority of families in District 2 want to be represented by someone who will work to create solutions to pay for increasing college tuition, increasing gas prices, and the ever-increasing cost of living, and that is not Ted Poe."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Binderim in Beaumont for Cinco de Mayo Weekend

We had a productive day in Beaumont and Port Arthur today with the Binderim campaign. Gary Binderim spoke today to the National Association of Letter Carriers--District 1 at the Holiday Inn in Port Arthur. Although he was given a warm reception in the first minute after his arrival, his fan base grew exponentially as soon as it was announced that he is the guy taking on Ted Poe.

Gary spoke from the heart today about his issues, his decision to take on a corporate-funded republican, and about his family's union background. He gained individual supporters and campaign volunteers after announcing that he is not a fan of Postal Service privatization and that he is not about to mess with the livelihood of hard-working people that provide an essential service to America. And he is not about to compromise the quality of work that they do in favor of corporate contracts that effect little quality of service.

After having lunch with the group and speaking personally to several individuals--many of them still going through the FEMA failures (administrative and otherwise) after Rita--we headed off on a tour of Port Arthur and Beaumont.It is amazing that this area is still a sea of blue-tarped roofs. Even sadder is driving by a construction contracting business whose first commitment is to rebuilding their own infrastructure before getting back to business. And eight months later, not only is rebuilding barely starting, there are still piles of debris at every corner in certain (and poorer) areas of the district. Where's Ted Poe?

After the tour, we ended up at Riverfront Park in downtown Beaumont for the Cinco de Mayo festival. Unfortunately, the crowd was a bit thin after the same showers that hit us in Kingwood this morning, hit them later in the morning. But we met many good Latinos--Democrats! Some had not voted, others had been voters but were hungry to become activists, but they were not afraid to talk to Gary about their feelings toward Ted Poe and the Republican Congress. The vast majority felt that McCain-Kennedy was a good start, but more than anything, their demands are for simple respect--something the Republicans (and a few area Democrats) are yet to provide the community, according to them. So, it is safe to say that Gary gained some fans in the Latino community of B/PA today.

We were overjoyed in meeting this young lady--a 16 year-old citizen, daughter of immigrants. She's active in the community, she marched with thousands of others in Beaumont and Port Arthur on Monday in support of human and civil rights, and she's ready to help elect good people. The shocker? She picks whom she supports based on key issues and not rhetoric! A very intelligent young woman that is sure to be on the ballot one day soon.

All in all, a great day.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Poe Votes to Protect Price Gougers

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Poe Sides With Price Gougers

In bipartisan fashion, the House of Representatives voted 389-34 to penalize price gougers at all levels of the oil and gas industry. Among those voting against protecting consumers was District 2 Congressmember Ted Poe (Roll Call #115, 5/2/06).

The Federal Energy Price Protection Act was also supported by President George W. Bush who stated: "The price of gasoline should serve as a wakeup call ... that we've got an energy security problem," Bush said after the meeting.

"Ted Poe had the opportunity to side with the hard-working consumers in District 2, and instead voted on the side of those that fund his campaign and his indifference toward the people." said Gary Binderim, Democratic candidate for District 2. Binderim added, "Obviously, Ted Poe has his priorities; I guess the people of District 2 are not a priority in Ted Poe's agenda."

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