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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Poe Votes to Protect Price Gougers

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Poe Sides With Price Gougers

In bipartisan fashion, the House of Representatives voted 389-34 to penalize price gougers at all levels of the oil and gas industry. Among those voting against protecting consumers was District 2 Congressmember Ted Poe (Roll Call #115, 5/2/06).

The Federal Energy Price Protection Act was also supported by President George W. Bush who stated: "The price of gasoline should serve as a wakeup call ... that we've got an energy security problem," Bush said after the meeting.

"Ted Poe had the opportunity to side with the hard-working consumers in District 2, and instead voted on the side of those that fund his campaign and his indifference toward the people." said Gary Binderim, Democratic candidate for District 2. Binderim added, "Obviously, Ted Poe has his priorities; I guess the people of District 2 are not a priority in Ted Poe's agenda."

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