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Friday, June 30, 2006

Binderim Covered by Cleveland Advocate

Standing on the county courthouse steps, David Van Os, Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General and Gary Binderim, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 2, spoke to the citizens of Liberty County on why they are running and what they will accomplish once they are voted into office.

"I have a message for the oil and insurance companies and the political power grabbers. They better spend every penny they have to defeat me in my quest to run for Texas Attorney General, because once I am sworn into office in January, I am coming after them," said Van Os.

Van Os decided to make it his personal mission to try and change the way things are being done on the state and federal level.

"I decided to run for attorney general because I am fed up with how my state and country are being run. I felt that I was personally responsible to do everything in my power to make it happen," he said.

This is not Van Os's first time running for office. He ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1998 and 2004.

"Between now and November, I will be speaking on my platform at the county courthouses in all of 254 counties in the state. So far, I have spoke at over 60 counties since March," he said.

Van Os is originally from Kilgore, but now lives in San Antonio. He is married to his wife Rachael, and together they have four children.

"Once I am elected, I am going to take legal action against the oil companies over the high gas prices; insurance companies over high insurance premiums and other monopolist practices."

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Binderim spoke on the courthouse steps about those who were affected by the hurricanes have not been taken care of.

"My only special interest as your congressman will be to listen to you on what you want not from the corporate lobbyists. There are so many people who have sustained damages from hurricanes Rita and Katrina and they are still not being helped by the federal government," said Binderim.

This candidate has worked hard as a community activist, serving as a precinct chair and activist, deputy voter registrar, and as a volunteer for various campaigns for office. Now, he wants to represent the people of District 2 in Congress; providing effective representation and fighting for the hard-working people that makes District 2.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Binderim Joins Van Os on Whistlestop Tour

Talk about a full-day!

Gary Binderim, the Democrat taking on Ted Poe in CD-02, joined the David Van Os Whistlestop Tour on Tuesday, June 20. Both candidates spoke to supporters and voters at the Liberty and Jefferson County Courthouses. The following is a diary of the day:

The first stop was at the Liberty County Courthouse in Liberty. As soon as we got there, we ran into PDiddie himself, Perry Dorrell, who was working the Van Os campaign. There, we met with David, as well as several Democratic lawyers and elected officials. We were more than welcomed by Liberty County Clerk Delia Sellers, as well as Liberty County Democratic Chair Nancy Archer, along with a great group of Democrats. Van Os spoke first, taking on the special interests that currently own Texas and national politics. Then he introduced Binderim who complimented DVO's speech by hitting on disaster relief and the boondoggle that is the insurance industry, which has left many Rita survivors high and not-so-dry after not covering much of the damage.

Both were well-received and both took the time for some one-to-one with voters. With members of the media in attendance (The Cleveland Advocate and the Dayton News), both answered their questions, as well as those from voters. After spending a little bit of time at the County Clerk's office, we took off to the next town--Beaumont. David Van Os headed out to a radio interview before taking off to Hardin County, his next stop.

When Binderim arrived at the County Courthouse, the Progressive Democrats were there with signs, stickers, and more in support of DVO. As always, they welcomed Binderim with open arms and Gary was able to do some visiting while we all waited for David to arrive from his trip. After the Progressive Dems rolled out their "Celebrate Democracy" banner, David gave a slightly longer, just as firey and motivating, stump speech, smacking big oil and the "robber barons" that have a hold on our Democracy. Binderim then took the stage, and once again complimented DVO's speech--they're both coming after the mouthpieces of the special interests--Greg Abbott and Ted Poe! David took off to another radio interview and Gary received a major treat.

After spending a lot of time talking to some of Gary's supporters outside of the courthouse, he was given a short tour of the courthouse, and the guide took him up to the 7th floor--the County Auditor's office, to catch a view of the the Port of Beaumont. The port is home to the military's transportation depot--lots of military equipment leaves from here to all points, especially Iraq. A very nice view; although, the thought that all that equipment was probably bound for Iraq, or any other war the Republicans are aiming for, made the view a bit surreal.

The dinner with the Progressive Democrats at Acapulco grill was great, starting with the pre-meeting visiting. There, we met this young guy, a hard-working waiter. He struck up a conversation with us after seeing all of our buttons. We found out that not only had he been born in Mexico, but he had gone through the citizenship process, became a citizen, registered to vote, and is a DEMOCRAT! The negative tones of the immigration debate--which seems to be Ted Poe's sole issue, have energized this young man, and he was excited to meet Gary. Gary took a photo with him for posterity and I'm pretty sure he got his vote too (and hopefully a volunteer!).

A good crowd of Progressive Democrats welcomed us to the meeting. After orders were taken and delivered, Gary took the floor and gave another good presentation, which provided a segue into DVO's presentation. This time, DVO took his time and gave a very good talk. He advised those in attendance to not look at the people who did not vote as "non-voters" but as voters abstaining. We must take our campaigns to them, we must include them because they want to hear from us. And we must speak to all voters--Democrats, Independents and Republicans that are fed up with special interests-as-usual. The people deserve representation and Van Os and Binderim will fight for the people.

Afterwards, Binderim spent the evening doing some one-to-one visits, passed out lots of stickers to people who will actually put them on their cars, and made lots of important contacts. This Progressive Democrats group from Beaumont means business and they are at the forefront of organizing the County toward victory in 2006 and beyond.

A special thanks to John and Suzanne Stafford for organizing the Beaumont aspect of the trip, and to David and Rachel Van Os for being great Democrats.

Post-Script: On the way home, right outside of Dayton, TX on 1960, the car began to feel funny--a tire had gone flat. Well, Gary proved to be the NASCAR candidate in this race when he changed the tire with Pit Stop speed! It was too dark for a photo op, but we got back on the road within minutes! All in a days' work--for the people!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Binderim Campaign Update

Gary Binderim
Democrat for Congress
Campaign Update

Campaign Support Continues to Grow
Gary has been traveling the district and continues to gain new supporters. Since the last update, he has visited with the National Letter Carriers Asssociation in Port Arthur, he visited the home of a Beaumont survivor of Hurricane Rita whose home was demolished by a falling tree, yet was still found to be livable by FEMA, several Democratic and progressive organizations, and he has been trekking through the western part of the district picking up support.

Among the greatest assets of this campaign are the campaigns of fellow Democrats in the area, particularly those of Chad Khan for Texas House District 126 and Dot Nelson-Turnier for Texas House District 150. These campaigns will be integral in getting out the vote in the Spring and Champions portions of District 2 where our Democratic base is growing. Several activities with those campaigns are in the works, including block-walking and meet-and-greet events throughout those areas. We will keep you posted or you can also visit for more information.

Phone-Banking Set to Start
As expansive as District 2 is, it will be quite a challenge to walk every block and meet every voter. Part of the plan to introduce Gary to voters around the District will be conducted through volunteer phone banking. We are asking for volunteers to sign-up to call voters in the area to introduce the campaign, inform voters of volunteer opportunities, and provide other campaign information, as needed. If you're interested, e-mail us at We will provide you the phone list and the script and you can make the calls from the comfort of your own home. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Your $upport is Also Needed
Running a Congressional campaign is no easy feat and it also takes money. Along with the usual printing of signs, push cards, buttons, and other paraphernalia, there is also the cost of gas and volunteer expenses (water, snacks, etc.) to get out the vote. As we get closer to November, we'll need even more support to double our efforts throughout the District. We need you to step up and commit to help the campaign any way you can. $35 will pay for 1,600 push cards. $50 will pay for printing 100 buttons to give to supporters. $100 will pay our long distance bill. You get the picture? It really does add up. Every dollar helps us get in touch with the people that Ted Poe continually votes against.

It is the support of working people committed to making change happen that will not only make the Binderim Campaign competitive, but also victorious.

Ted Poe is giving us every opportunity to win:
He voted to continue the tax cuts for the wealthy--a cut that benefits millionaires (less than 3% of District 2 households).
He voted to protect price gouging oil companies--he was one of 36 that voted against protecting consumers.
He continues to be bankrolled by BIG OIL, drug companies and other special interests--he is not representing you.
He continues to hide behind the politics of division and intolerance, while voting against the best interests of District 2 every chance he gets.

Simply put, it is time for Poe to go!

And you can help send him home by supporting the Gary Binderim Campaign today.

"This campaign is not just about exposing the indifference Ted Poe has toward the majority of District 2, it is also about offering the voters our solutions to the challenges facing our country. This campaign is also about the entire Democratic ticket. In the last decade Democrats have not had this big of an opportunity to be victorious up and down the ballot. Republican officeholders at every level are giving us every opportunity to take advantage of their votes and practices against the people. Ted Poe simply does not represent the values of the majority of people in District 2 and he proves it everyday. But it is up to all of us to make a statement, not only by voting, but by working to inform every voter we can, engaging them in the electoral and political process, and getting them to the polls. That is what my campaign is about, and I need your help to get me and Democrats in our area elected." Gary Binderim

Contributions or gifts to the Campaign to Elect Gary Binderim are not tax deductible. Federal law requires us to use best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per election cycle.

Mail to: Gary Binderim Campaign, Jenni Strader-Treasurer, 3011 Brook Shore Court, Kingwood, TX 77339

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