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Friday, June 30, 2006

Binderim Covered by Cleveland Advocate

Standing on the county courthouse steps, David Van Os, Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General and Gary Binderim, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 2, spoke to the citizens of Liberty County on why they are running and what they will accomplish once they are voted into office.

"I have a message for the oil and insurance companies and the political power grabbers. They better spend every penny they have to defeat me in my quest to run for Texas Attorney General, because once I am sworn into office in January, I am coming after them," said Van Os.

Van Os decided to make it his personal mission to try and change the way things are being done on the state and federal level.

"I decided to run for attorney general because I am fed up with how my state and country are being run. I felt that I was personally responsible to do everything in my power to make it happen," he said.

This is not Van Os's first time running for office. He ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1998 and 2004.

"Between now and November, I will be speaking on my platform at the county courthouses in all of 254 counties in the state. So far, I have spoke at over 60 counties since March," he said.

Van Os is originally from Kilgore, but now lives in San Antonio. He is married to his wife Rachael, and together they have four children.

"Once I am elected, I am going to take legal action against the oil companies over the high gas prices; insurance companies over high insurance premiums and other monopolist practices."

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Binderim spoke on the courthouse steps about those who were affected by the hurricanes have not been taken care of.

"My only special interest as your congressman will be to listen to you on what you want not from the corporate lobbyists. There are so many people who have sustained damages from hurricanes Rita and Katrina and they are still not being helped by the federal government," said Binderim.

This candidate has worked hard as a community activist, serving as a precinct chair and activist, deputy voter registrar, and as a volunteer for various campaigns for office. Now, he wants to represent the people of District 2 in Congress; providing effective representation and fighting for the hard-working people that makes District 2.

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