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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Binderim Joins Van Os on Whistlestop Tour

Talk about a full-day!

Gary Binderim, the Democrat taking on Ted Poe in CD-02, joined the David Van Os Whistlestop Tour on Tuesday, June 20. Both candidates spoke to supporters and voters at the Liberty and Jefferson County Courthouses. The following is a diary of the day:

The first stop was at the Liberty County Courthouse in Liberty. As soon as we got there, we ran into PDiddie himself, Perry Dorrell, who was working the Van Os campaign. There, we met with David, as well as several Democratic lawyers and elected officials. We were more than welcomed by Liberty County Clerk Delia Sellers, as well as Liberty County Democratic Chair Nancy Archer, along with a great group of Democrats. Van Os spoke first, taking on the special interests that currently own Texas and national politics. Then he introduced Binderim who complimented DVO's speech by hitting on disaster relief and the boondoggle that is the insurance industry, which has left many Rita survivors high and not-so-dry after not covering much of the damage.

Both were well-received and both took the time for some one-to-one with voters. With members of the media in attendance (The Cleveland Advocate and the Dayton News), both answered their questions, as well as those from voters. After spending a little bit of time at the County Clerk's office, we took off to the next town--Beaumont. David Van Os headed out to a radio interview before taking off to Hardin County, his next stop.

When Binderim arrived at the County Courthouse, the Progressive Democrats were there with signs, stickers, and more in support of DVO. As always, they welcomed Binderim with open arms and Gary was able to do some visiting while we all waited for David to arrive from his trip. After the Progressive Dems rolled out their "Celebrate Democracy" banner, David gave a slightly longer, just as firey and motivating, stump speech, smacking big oil and the "robber barons" that have a hold on our Democracy. Binderim then took the stage, and once again complimented DVO's speech--they're both coming after the mouthpieces of the special interests--Greg Abbott and Ted Poe! David took off to another radio interview and Gary received a major treat.

After spending a lot of time talking to some of Gary's supporters outside of the courthouse, he was given a short tour of the courthouse, and the guide took him up to the 7th floor--the County Auditor's office, to catch a view of the the Port of Beaumont. The port is home to the military's transportation depot--lots of military equipment leaves from here to all points, especially Iraq. A very nice view; although, the thought that all that equipment was probably bound for Iraq, or any other war the Republicans are aiming for, made the view a bit surreal.

The dinner with the Progressive Democrats at Acapulco grill was great, starting with the pre-meeting visiting. There, we met this young guy, a hard-working waiter. He struck up a conversation with us after seeing all of our buttons. We found out that not only had he been born in Mexico, but he had gone through the citizenship process, became a citizen, registered to vote, and is a DEMOCRAT! The negative tones of the immigration debate--which seems to be Ted Poe's sole issue, have energized this young man, and he was excited to meet Gary. Gary took a photo with him for posterity and I'm pretty sure he got his vote too (and hopefully a volunteer!).

A good crowd of Progressive Democrats welcomed us to the meeting. After orders were taken and delivered, Gary took the floor and gave another good presentation, which provided a segue into DVO's presentation. This time, DVO took his time and gave a very good talk. He advised those in attendance to not look at the people who did not vote as "non-voters" but as voters abstaining. We must take our campaigns to them, we must include them because they want to hear from us. And we must speak to all voters--Democrats, Independents and Republicans that are fed up with special interests-as-usual. The people deserve representation and Van Os and Binderim will fight for the people.

Afterwards, Binderim spent the evening doing some one-to-one visits, passed out lots of stickers to people who will actually put them on their cars, and made lots of important contacts. This Progressive Democrats group from Beaumont means business and they are at the forefront of organizing the County toward victory in 2006 and beyond.

A special thanks to John and Suzanne Stafford for organizing the Beaumont aspect of the trip, and to David and Rachel Van Os for being great Democrats.

Post-Script: On the way home, right outside of Dayton, TX on 1960, the car began to feel funny--a tire had gone flat. Well, Gary proved to be the NASCAR candidate in this race when he changed the tire with Pit Stop speed! It was too dark for a photo op, but we got back on the road within minutes! All in a days' work--for the people!