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Sunday, July 30, 2006



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KINGWOOD--U.S. Rep. Ted Poe of the 2nd Congressional District of Texas chose to hold the futures of working people hostage by voting for a provision which would hand over $268 billion dollars from the federal budget to wealthy special interests. The provision was added on to a House bill designed to increase the minimum wage by two dollars over the next three years; however, the tax cut for the wealthy would be stretched out for the next decade at billions of dollars per year.

“The estate tax ensures that the wealthy pay their fair share, while somewhat alleviating the burden on working and middle class families,” said Gary Binderim, the Democrat running to defeat Ted Poe. “All Ted Poe is doing is protecting the interests of a few wealthy families outside of his Congressional district on the backs of the working people living his own Congressional district.”

Binderim asks how Ted Poe and the Republicans can compare a $268 billion raid of the federal budget to a $2 increase in the minimum wage. “How can Ted Poe extort $268 million from working and middle class families who are already burdened with a $9 trillion debt and a $300 million deficit, on top of $3 per gallon gasoline, double-digit college tuition increases, and a rising cost of living?” asked Binderim.

Binderim feels it is time that the federal government mandate that businesses pay a truly livable wage. “A job is supposed to keep you out of poverty, and this wage increase is hardly getting us there, said Binderim. According to the 2000 census, at $5.15 per hour, almost 15% of workers in Beaumont earn the minimum wage and almost 23% earn less than the proposed $7.25 per hour (or $15,080 per year). “It is time to put the working and middle class families of District 2 at the top of Congress’ priority list. added Binderim.

“It is about time that Ted Poe answered some serious questions about his lack of representation of the vast majority of people in District 2,” said Binderim. “When over 53% of households in District 2 make less than $50,000 per year and only 2.9% of households make over $200,000 annually, just who is Ted Poe representing? It is time for a change and I will be the voice for change.”
Gary Binderim is campaigning on a vow to change the course of the federal government; beginning with a change in priorities in which the people of District 2 would come first—not wealthy special interests from outside of the district.

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