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Friday, September 08, 2006

Binderim Blasts Bush, Congress for Failing our Police

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Ted Poe has yet to support real crime-fighting measures

Gary Binderim, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Texas, blasted Attorney General Al Gonzales and the Bush administration for recent comments in an Associated Press report against federal assistance to add new police officers to local law enforcement agencies.

“Throughout District 2, crime rates have increased at the same time that our need for police officers has increased,” said Binderim, “It is time for another Clinton-era commitment to put 100,000 new police officers on the beat around the country, especially in our urban areas.”

Gonzales was responding to several mayors and police chiefs who expressed concern at a crime conference that the Bush administration was spending too much money on wars abroad, while ignoring an increase in street crime at home.

Citing the Bush administration’s expenses in the war on terrorism, Binderim added, “If our urban areas, especially those with seaports and high levels of commerce, are possible targets for terrorism, then one would figure that Ted Poe and the Bush administration would be spending our tax dollars on our local police agencies, instead of wasting it on no-bid contracts abroad.”

According to the AP report which cited the Bush administration and AG Gonzales’ position on funding local police, some criminal justice experts have said the statistics reflect complacency in fighting crime.

Said Binderim, “In Harris and Jefferson Counties we have seen an increase in crime, and the lack of commitment to putting more police officers on the beat shown by the Bush administration and the Republican Congress is the reason.”

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