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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Poe Cares Little for Middle Class, Why Should He Care About Horses?

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Poe Cares Little for Middle Class, Why Should He Care About Horses?
Poe votes against banning horse slaughter

Ted Poe continued his single issue campaign this week, avoiding his dismal, one-term Congressional record. Poe voted against banning the slaughter of horses this week, stating he wasn't concerned about "horse security."

"Ted Poe isn't concerned about any kind of security, especially the economic security of the families of District 2," said Gary Binderim, the Democratic candidate in Congressional District 2. "Ted Poe has compiled a Congressional record that he refuses to discuss and campaign on. I'm not surprised he's out slaughtering horses since he's already slaughtered Working and Middle Class families."

Binderim was referring to a Congressional record that includes votes against working and middle class families:

* Poe voted to hold a two dollar increase in the Minimum Wage hostage, while he pushed for a $268 billion estate tax giveaway to America's wealthiest families--few, if any, reside in District 2.

* Poe voted to continue another giveaway of working and middle class tax payments to those same families that do not reside in District 2.

* Poe voted to protect price gouging oil companies--the same companies that have given him close to $75,000 in contributions.

Asked Binderim, "Who is Ted Poe working for? District 2 needs a representative that has all families in Harris, Jefferson, and Liberty counties in mind. After one-term, Ted Poe has shown us who he is working for, and it is not the families that matter--those in District 2."

Gary Binderim is a first-time candidate who continues to work his full-time job, while running a grassroots campaign throughout the District. He entered the race on January 2--the filing deadline--to ensure Ted Poe would answer for his dismal Congressional voting record.

"First of all, no incumbent with a bad Congressional voting record should ever go unopposed," said Binderim. "I run as a candidate that will answer to the people, not Big Money contributors. It is time for all of the people of District 2 to be represented by someone that they can identify with and that will fight for them everyday in Washington, DC."

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