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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Binderim Participates in Dayton Forum

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Gary Binderim, the Democrat challenging one-termer Ted Poe in Congressional District 2, participated in the Dayton News Candidate Forum at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School on Tuesday, October 17. Around 100 Dayton voters attended and asked questions of eleven candidates running in Liberty County. Poe was a no-show.

"I'm not surprised Ted Poe was a no-show; he's been a no-show when it comes to the people of Liberty and Jefferson County," said Binderim. "His dismal Congressional voting record is proof that he holds the hard-working people of Liberty County in low regard, so Poe avoiding defending his record in Congress is not surprising. It is time for all of District 2 to be represented, and I'm the candidate that is committed to representing the good people of Liberty County and all of District 2."

Binderim was given the opportunity to introduce himself and lay-out his vision for District 2. After his presentation, he spent the rest of the evening listening to the concerns of the people of Liberty County as they asked questions of the other participants. "The people of Liberty County are savvy voters," said Binderim, "They care about the issues and it is time for someone in Congress to listen to their viewpoints."

"Ted Poe has been given every opportunity, whether at forums or at his own fundraisers, to speak about his Congressional record, but his record is indefensible," said Binderim. "Ted Poe has only represented those wealthy and special interests that have written him those big checks, and the people, even some of his past supporters, are disappointed at his one-term in the Congress."

Gary Binderim is running a "people-powered" campaign that has netted him around $15,000 in contributions, while utilizing various groups of community leaders in Beaumont, Kingwood, Baytown, Spring, and the Willowbrook area to spread his message. On the other hand, Ted Poe has collected almost $900,000 in special interest contributions, including around $100,000 from Big Oil and Energy PACs and tens of thousands of dollars more from pharmaceutical and medical special interests whose interests do not include the people of District 2.

"I am offering a clear alternative to politics as usual, and Ted Poe continues his work at dividing America, failing to provide solutions to the challenges we face," said Binderim. "If Ted Poe paid more attention to the people, instead of to those that fund him, perhaps he'd have a leg to stand on, but he has been a failure in only two years."

Binderim will be showing his support for Democratic candidate for Attorney General David Van Os at the Harris County Courthouse on Wednesday, October 18 at 4PM. Binderim participated in David Van Os' Whistlestop Tour of Liberty and Jefferson County this past summer.