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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Binderim Participates in Humble PTA Forum

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Poe a No-Show--Again!

Gary Binderim, the Democrat running to defeat Ted Poe in District 2, found a welcoming group of voters at the Humble PTA Candidate Forum held in Kingwood. Ted Poe was a no-show.

Binderim spoke on various positions he has taken on issues, such as public education and "No Child," Social Security and Teachers, the War in Iraq, the economy, and immigration. Binderim also had the opportunity to differentiate between his positions and those of Poe, as well as differentiating between Poe's positions and his actual voting record.

"In Kingwood I have found voters of various political stripes that are seeking an alternative to politics as usual, and especially an alternative to Ted Poe," said Binderim. "Every voter I have visited with, I have been honest and open about my positions, and I believe that I am gaining support in what has been considered Republican territory because of that."

Among Gary's personal highlights were being approached by several voters with "Ted Poe" lapel stickers who told him he had their votes. Another was being told by a Republican voter that he appreciated Binderim's honest, sensible, and comprehensive approach to immigration reform.

"At one point, I would have thought that immigration was going to be the only issue of interest because that's all Ted Poe campaigned on," said Binderim, "but I can honestly say that Poe's approach, along with Poe's avoidance of the issues that matter to the vast majority of voters, is wearing thin with voters in this part of District 2."

District 2 is considered a suburban, middle-class Congressional district; however, Poe's voting record on Bush's tax cuts, as well as his support for tax giveaways to Paris Hilton-like estates has caught the attention of many middle class voters. Only 2.5% of District 2 households make more than $200,000 per year--these are the households that receive the majority of Bush's tax giveaways.

"When working and middle class people were overtaxed with high gas costs, a higher cost of living, a 40% increase in tuition in the last 3 years, and a higher cost of health care--even after tort reform, they began to really look at the Republican voting record," said Binderim. "Along with increased mistrust with the Republican adminstration over the Iraq war, voters began to think that the Republican Party they had so long supported was not the same one today, and voters are seeking change."

Binderim's campaign has been a "people-powered" campaign consisiting of volunteers from throughout the District. Meanwhile, Poe has raised around one million dollars, with more than half of the money coming from corporate and special interest PACs and wealthy CEOs.

"I'm proud of every dollar we have raised from regular, hard-working individuals," said Binderim, adding, "and every volunteer who has either put up a sign in their yard, passed out literature, blockwalked, or sent an e-mail on my behalf has only increase the value of what I have raised. While I won't forget the people that would put me in office, it is Ted Poe that will be too busy paying back favors to the special interests that funded him."

Early voting is happening now, with Saturday being a big day--the first full-day (7AM to 7PM). Voters in the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita/Huffman area are invited to join the Kingwood Area Democrats at the Kingwood Fire Station polling location (4121 West Lake Houston Pkwy.) as they will vote en masse on Saturday morning at 8AM. Afterwards, they will head out to Skeeter's Mesquite Grill across the street for a dutch-treat breakfast buffet to Celebrate Democracy!

Gary plans to head out to Jefferson County afterwards to visit voters at various polling locations.