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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poe Compares Foley to Clinton Affair

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KINGWOOD—District 2 member of Congress Ted Poe compared former Florida Congressman Mark Foley’s behavior to the extramarital affair of former President Clinton.

States Poe on his campaign website, “Unfortunately he is not the first representative to behave appallingly inappropriate, there [has] been…a Democratic President also.”

His challenger, Democrat Gary Binderim responded, “Poe will do anything to protect his Republican leaders, but it is quite appalling to hear him go so far as to compare a personal adult mistake to a possibly criminal act by Republican Foley.”

Binderim continued, “I thought Poe of all people knew that marital missteps could be forgiven by one’s family, community, and even their church, but to utilize such a comment for political gain shows that he only wants to protect his leader, Dennis Hastert.” (see related article linked below).

Binderim stated that Dennis Hastert had hosted a fundraiser for one-term incumbent Poe. Hastert is expected to return on October 31 for another high-dollar fundraiser for Poe.

“While other Republicans around the country are distancing themselves from Hastert, including Houston’s Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Ted Poe is exhibiting a kind of political arrogance that is not representative of the people of District 2.”

Binderim continued, “This election really is about the values the people of District 2 hold highest, and it takes more than just talking about values, it takes acting on those values. I’m the candidate that will fight for those values.”

Gary Binderim is a first-time candidate and has been traveling District 2, talking to voters about the issues that matter most to them: Social Security, Jobs Security, Post-Rita, Disaster Relief, and Health Care. For more information, visit:

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